Travel Agents & Packages

Your honeymoon is an important part of your wedding - it is a time to rest, relax and bond. As soon as you know when you are going to be married, start planning your honeymoon. Whether you prefer something exotic and adventurous or quiet and peaceful, researching your honeymoon online is a great time and money saver.

However, when it comes to your final decisions it is reassuring to speak to a consultant who will work with you to find your dream destination.

Visit travel agents, tourist offices and travel expos to collect information on various destinations and types of holidays. Have fun evaluating the options together and you may even be surprised to discover an ideal alternative in the process. Keep an open mind. The honeymoon should be a fantasy trip that the couple has always wanted to take, but not at a cost that will put a strain on their budget. There are five major cost components to a honeymoon - they are travel, accommodation, dining, activities and the trip length. Your budget will ultimately affect where you will go, what you will do, and how long you will be able to stay away.

Your wedding is the beginning of a journey... a journey in life, love and everything else. Ensure that the journey begins with time well spent, fun time and most importantly, quality time... with the one you love.

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Flowers & Decor

Your décor will be a common thread running from the invitations right through to the table settings and surrounds. The choices are endless, so visit bridal shows, browse through magazines, and go on a Marriage Meander Journey ( to get a feel of what excites you and what look you would like to go for. Consult with your décor specialist or planner as they will be able to suggest décor options and colour choices that perhaps you hadn?t even considered. Often less is more, the bride is the centre of attention and everything else comes second.

When deciding on your colour scheme, remember to check your venue to make sure of the existing colour scheme inside the reception room. Flowers can make or break a function and we recommend that you use a professional florist. Remember you get what you pay for and sometimes paying that little bit extra goes a long way. Candles add to the romantic ambience and are available to hire in many colours, shapes and sizes. Have fun with your décor, dare to be creative and different and make sure you add your own personal touch.

Photography & Videography

Choosing your photographer and videographer is a very important decision. Photography is an art. When hiring a photographer, you are effectively commissioning an artist to capture the magic of your special day. Styles vary and appeal to different tastes, so decide on the style that appeals to you. Are you after formal, posed shots? Candid, fun shots? A photo journalism approach with creative flair? Have a look at photographers’ website galleries to see what appeals to you.

A DVD will bring to life the sights and sounds of your wedding. You will be able to hear your vows, see the look in your partner’s eye as they were said and once again, feel moved! It is essential that you meet with the photographer / videographer and advisable to have a trial run. Perhaps get them to shoot your engagement. You need to ensure that you feel comfortable with them and actually like them. Look for someone who will listen to what you want, but will also be organized and confident enough to give direction when necessary. You can also meet photographers at Bridal Expos or on a Marriage Meander Journey. (See for details)

Music & Entertainment

Music is a crucial element of your wedding day. There are no rules with regard to music choice. You can go for traditional and classical or select your repertoire around more contemporary choices. For your ceremony, try to choose something that has sentimental value and that you both like! Many couples choose to have the accompaniment of musicians at the ceremony. There is nothing like live music to accompany you down the aisle. A musician will add something very special to your wedding and will certainly enhance the atmosphere.

The entertainment is a key aspect in the success of your wedding. When selecting a mobile disco, make sure you choose wisely - get references and check what the price quoted includes. Music will determine the mood of the reception and will have quite a bearing on whether your guests will stay and party, or go home when they deem it is politely acceptable to slip out! Prices vary tremendously and you usually get what you pay for! - contact 083 369 4748 for more information.

Cakes & Chocolatiers

The wedding cake has its origins in Italy, where the cake was broken over the bride’s head as a symbol of fertility. Gone are the days of traditional fruit cake decorated with glazed icing, though there are many who still prefer this tradition. Nowadays, it’s not unusual for brides to decide, instead, on tantalizing options such as Italian sponge, chocolate mousse cake or carrot and pecan nut. A popular option is to have a three tier display, with each tier being a different cake. There are many talented confectioners in Natal and you will be amazed at what they can create for you. Many of them have a specialty style and flavour for which they are renowned. Your cake need not cost you an arm and a leg as confectioners are often able to work within a budget and can suggest ingredients, style and design accordingly.

Aphrodisiac chocolate was linked with weddings long before its discovery in the west. Aztec kings consumed chocolate in cups of gold before visiting their wives and it is still used in Central America to seal a betrothal, before and after the wedding ceremony. It is still fashionable to provide chocolates with coffee after the mea, - hand made chocolates, especially, adding a perfect finishing touch - contact 083 369 4748 for more information.