Karkloof Blue Butterfly

Karkloof Blue Butterfly

The symbol of the Midlands Meander – the rare and endangered Karkloof Blue Butterfly (Orachrysops ariadne) is on the wing for a couple of weeks in Autumn and is known in only three locations in KwaZulu Natal. Dependent on moist mist-belt grassland, this butterfly

has a unique relationship with the sugar ant which carries the larva from the nest to the food source. Suitable sites for Karkloof Blue colonies occur on gentle southern slopes where the host plant thrives. Because we believe that the little things do count, the Midlands Meander has been funding a research project since 2004, in an attempt to ensure its survival. You can help too by popping some coins into one of the collection tins “Common Cents Can Make a Difference” at Midlands Meander outlets.


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