Download the Midlands Meander App


For 30 years we have been producing a top class Midlands Meander Guide but times have changed and people are techno savvy and so we have moved with the times and given you – our supporters the chance to download the country’s first tourism app.

You can have all our Meander info at the touch of a button – literally.

Available on Android and iPhones the App is FREE – so no excuses not to download it.  Once downloaded you do not have to be on the internet – the info is stored on your phone and we suggest you update the app once a year or when you visit to make sure you have latest information.



  1. On the Android phones there is an icon called Playstore
  2. Double click on this icon to open it.
  3. In the search field type in the words Midlands Meander.
  4. It will come up with a small butterfly icon and give you an option to download.
  5. Double click on the download button and wait.
  6. The average download time is less than 5 minutes but this will depend on the strength of your internet connection or wi-fi signal.
  7. The Midlands Meander butterfly App symbol will appear on your cellphone screen.
  8. Click on this icon and you will see a menu of all the offerings that the Midlands Meander has for the tourist.
  9. Browse the various categories for information.


  1. On iPhones there is an icon for Apps called iStore
  2. Double click on this icon
  3. In the search field type  Midlands Meander
  4. When you see the Butterfly icon appear click on the download button
  5. It will begin to download .
  6. It should not take more than 5 minutes to download.
  7. You do not have to stay connected to the internet once the App has completed downloading.
  8. Enjoy browsing the various categories and happy meandering!