Beautiful beads at Dragonfire Beads

Beautiful beads at Dragonfire Beads

They have changed location and now you can buy the beautiful handmade glass beads and jewellery from Dragonfire beads along the R103.

Barbara Magrath used to sell her beautiful glass work from Howick but she has recently relocated to the Tweedie T-junction at the R103.

The bead shop is located at the Serendipity center where you can see other gifts for sale and grab a cup of coffee.

It is the perfect place for Barbara to do her glass blowing and create magnificent pieces of jewellery . You may catch Barbara behind the hot flames of her blowtorch and she loves to give demonstrations to those who are keen to see how she created the lovely glass items.

For the brave she offers one on one lessons in lampwork and groups can try and make their own beads.

About Our Beautiful Beads

When Barbara started making her lovely items she was only one of a few glass makers in the country. She is inspired by local colours and items and one of her popular items is a gorgeous rose and protea necklace with stunning pink and cherise colours.

While colourful beads are the main products that are used in exquisite jewellery items, Barbara has also used the glass beads to create luxury salad spoons and other novelty items. Glass decor and jewellery has been around for centuries and yet it has never gone out of fashion.

The Murano glass made in Venice is known and admired by many people worldwide. The Italian style is iconic in glass design, but there are many techniques used nowadays to create different effects. Barbara keeps inspired by following international trends.

She imports her glass from a local supplier that gets the glass from Venice. She said: “You have to have a steady hand and an eye for mixing colours. It is like any other crafts the more you practice the better you become.”

The basic technique required a mandrill glass rod that is melted and twisted onto a metal rod. The bead is slowly created and the bead is dipped into a special liquid that allows it to slide off the rod.

“Originally glass making was only known to a small select group of artists, but the techniques and knowledge have become available as more people want to learn the art of making glass jewellery. Barbara says that like any art form there will always be signature styles unique to each artist.

Book your bead making session, here are the details:

The shop is open every day from 9am -4pm

You can book a glass making lesson with Barbara on 0822972544 or email her on

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