Hawklee Country House Is Country Hospitality

Belinda and Dean Lentz have created a beautiful country getaway at their B&B near Fort Nottingham in the Midlands. Both of them had dreamed of giving up the stress of city living they were sick of traffic and the rat race of working 9 to 5 jobs.

They had both had it in mind to find a property in the Midlands where they could settle and enjoy a less pressurised lifestyle.

It was on their third attempt when they found Hawklee House that they felt like “it was home.” The couple had looked at two other properties and put in offers to purchase but neither of those deals had worked out.

Belinda says that sometimes things happen for a reason, and Hawklee Country House situated along the edge of the Lions River is a beautiful spot in a less developed part of the Midlands. The scenery is breath-taking with horses grazing nearby in the meadows and plenty of bird life darting along the river banks.

Hawklee Country House - The owl CottageThe couple have invested in the property and have upgraded the rooms and facilities so that is has a luxury country feel. The dusty road turns into a driveway and their cheeky dog Tigger barks a raucous welcome to guests, the country style thatch house is inviting.

It is pretty and almost looks like a picture postcard, when you walk to reception along the stepping stones you may see the bird feeder swaying under the weight of dozens of little birds eating in a seed frenzy.

Guests can do a walk along the river’s edge to an old weir along the river, if you are lucky you may see an otter having a swim in the rock pools. or you can simply laze on the deck enjoying the sun and bird watching.  Belinda enlisted the help of Meander Member and decorator from Renaissance, Cheryl Wigmore to give her rooms a plush and inviting atmosphere.

She says that she does the cooking for guests and while she has always been a dab hand in the  kitchen she has loved making use of the fresh local produce that is easily obtainable in the area. “You realise that there are lots of benefits to living in the country – lots of space, things grow so easily and you make friends with your neighbours because you need each other.”

Lentz has become a member of the Midlands Meander Association board in an effort to get to know other people on the Midlands Meander and to share expertise.  “I have a corporate background and have some business experience but am a newcomer to the area and one can always learn from others. It is great to meet others and explore the potential of this beautiful place.”

The Lentz’s believe their B&B offers a place where people can come and relax and enjoy the beauty of the area and where they can also feel at home. “I know it is a cliché to say “a home away from home” but we don’t want people to feel as if they are on parade.

“We like people to feel they can curl up on the couch and read a book in the lounge if they feel like it. Their cat Maya will probably sit on top of the couch and watch guests with some curiosity. She expects some affection from visitors.  Adopted by the couple – she has learnt to be queen of the castle.”

Only a stone’s throw away from Nottingham road which has become known as a mini shopping hub in the Midlands and far enough in the country to be secluded and relaxed, Hawklee Country House is a lovely place to escape to.

For more details go to: www.midlandsmeander.co.za or www.hawklee.co.za