Holy Cow! Gourmet Greek is great!

Holy Cow! Gourmet Greek is great!

The newly opened Blue Cow Deli is one of the recent innovations of the Midlands based Gourmet Greek business. You cannot miss the large blue cow on the side of the road as you drive along The Gourmet Greek Signboard with a blue cowthe Lions River road.

Drive past Lona’s Pianos and the Lions River Trading Post and then stop at this gorgeous little shop for a delicious cup of coffee and some Greek style treats.
Drawing on their Greek heritage – the coffee shop offers food and snacks inspired by traditional Greek food.

You can snack on their home made baklava – drool! Or tuck into a meze platter – with all their home made cheesy treats and dips. The crisp white shop with its soothing Greek music offers Midlands visitors a great new experience. With an occasional spash of blue, the shop is a little Greek heaven.

They make their own dairy products on the premises means that you would be crazy not to try their range of cheeses and yoghurts – bursting with goodness.

Filia Dimitriades and her brother Iakovos have taken the reins to expand the thriving business. Filia is a master cheese maker and has been experimenting with textures and flavours. Their best known product is the double thick yoghurt which is any Banting dieters dream.But must try items are their halloumi and soft feta cheese.

The family owned business is a lovely blend of Greek and South African culture. The pretty drive to the shop is lovely and scenic and you will soak up this relaxing garden environment where everything is so green. A cosy fireplace inside ensures that guests will be warm in the cooler weather.
Milk urns filled with bright flowers are part of the country decor and the wooden paving stones are a lovely touch. Kids will enjoy the mini car track in the garden.

They offer an all-day breakfast and as the main restaurant/ deli is small. Large groups should book first.

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