5 Spots on the Midlands Meander for a Foodie Experience

5 Spots on the Midlands Meander for a Foodie Experience

All the country air inhaled on your Midlands Meander is bound to make you hungry sooner than later! Fortunately for your stomach, there are plenty of unique and quality restaurants to be found on all routes. Whether you are an avid food lover or simply appreciate a good bite on a day out, the many Midlands Meander foodie attractions will leave you spoiled for choice.

5 Spots on the Midlands Meander Every Food-lover Should Visit

Finish off the perfect day by stopping at one of these quality restaurants for a well-deserved meal and indulge yourself in some of the best local recipes in the Midlands.

1. The Farmers Daughter

This foodie favourite has all the country charm you could want from a Midland’s restaurant. Known by both locals and regular meanders, this food spot serves the homely, farm-fresh meals you didn’t know you needed. Enjoy a quiet lunch amidst the restaurant’s homely feel and take in the breathtaking views that surround this idealistic location. If you are in the mood to spoil yourself, take home some banting bread or treat yourself to one of the delicious artisan ice-creams on sale.

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2. Ling Lapa Restaurant

If you are a meat-lover, the Ling Lapa restaurant is a must-visit dining destination. Famous for their matured beef, pork and lamb, you can enjoy a classic meal that is fresh and of top quality. From steaks to burgers, ribs and salads, there is a mouth-watering meal on the menu perfect for your taste buds. In addition to great food, there is also a welcoming and cosy atmosphere, with blazing fires on chilly nights and top-notch staff. Word of this gem has got around and they book up quickly, so don’t leave it to chance- table bookings are recommended, especially over weekends.

3. 29 Degrees South

This restaurant can be found in Midlands Saddle and Trout and has so much to offer diners. From simple meals, such as toasted sandwiches, made legendary, to giant burgers we challenge you to finish, you can enjoy a relaxed meal poolside. Enjoy the picturesque scenery and comfort food before heading out to meander further.

4. Bierfassl Restaurant & Pub

If you are looking for something with character and little more casual, look no further than the Bierfassl Restaurant and Pub. Located in the middle of the famous Nottingham Road, the cheery tavern boasts an Austrian theme and is a welcoming stop for the hungry meanderer. Have a Nottingham draught, indulge in their famous eisbein or another Austrian speciality and enjoy your time in the unique atmosphere, soaking up the sunshine on the lawn or staying warm and cosy in the pub.

5. Blueberry Café

And finally, for those with a sweet tooth! The Blueberry Café is a perfect choice if you are looking for a tasty treat once your lunch has settled. This quaint café offers a variety of traditional café treats, quality coffee and captivating views of the Drakensberg Mountain Range. Enjoy their floating gardens, whilst indulging in some of life’s finer things; a must-visit!

Set Off on Your Midlands Meander Foodie Adventure Today

Pick a few foodie locations that match your taste and hit the road. These are but a few of the many options we have waiting; cheese tasting, chocolate dipping and other drool-worthy restaurants are on your doorstep and ready to please your taste buds and bless your Instagram feeds. Plan your route today and experience all that the Midlands Meander has to offer or contact us with any questions or queries.

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