5 Things to Consider When Choosing Your 2021 Wedding Venue

5 Things to Consider When Choosing Your 2021 Wedding Venue

If your wedding is coming up in 2021, you are likely knee-deep in the planning process. Whilst you can get away with skipping out on most aspects of the traditional wedding, one thing you can’t avoid is a wedding venue. Fortunately, the Midlands Meander holds many stunning locations that are amongst the top 2021 KZN wedding venues.

5 Questions to Ask When Considering a Wedding Venue?

We have compiled a list of 5 things to consider when choosing a wedding venue to ensure your special day is exactly what you dreamed. For more wedding inspiration or information on our meander route, visit our blog.

1. Does the View Match Your Vision?

When looking for your wedding venue, arguably the most important thing that you will consider is the view and overall aesthetic of the venue. If you are wanting a rustic country wedding, then a modern indoor venue will be inappropriate, much like a modern, chic wedding will not suit an open field setting. The venue and its surrounds will ultimately set the tone for your big day; the look you are trying to achieve for your wedding, the photographs and so much more- don’t settle for a venue that doesn’t completely take your breath away.

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2. How Many Guests Are Attending?

This is also an important question that should be one of the first questions you ask yourself. It is pointless to fall completely in love with a venue that won’t hold half of your wedding party. Before you get attached to what could be and start making décor plans in your head, think about the size of the venue versus how many people you are inviting. If you are having a smaller wedding, you don’t want to splurge on a venue that will be far too big for the few guests that you are inviting.

3. Is There Enough Privacy?

If you are a private person and don’t fancy the idea of strangers looking in on your wedding, then investigate how much privacy the venue has. If you don’t mind a few prying eyes, then by all means go ahead. However, if you would prefer complete privacy then make sure this is something you clarify with venue management.

4. What is Included in the Venue Hire?

It is important that you know exactly what you are getting when hiring a venue. If you are a person who would like an ‘all-inclusive’ deal, where the venue takes care of most of the extras, such as seating, décor, catering, etc. then ensure you take a list so that you can tick off exactly what they provide and don’t. You also don’t want to splurge on a venue only to find that you still have to pay for a variety of other necessities for your big day.

5. Is There Nearby Accommodation?

If you are anticipating a big party after you exchange vows, that is unlikely to happen if your guests have to drive a fair distance home. If you and your guests are wanting to let lose and have a few drinks at the reception, it would serve in everyone’s best interests if there is accommodation nearby.

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The Midlands Meander has a broad range of wedding venues to choose from, you are guaranteed to find the venue perfect for your special day. Browse our wedding venues here or contact us today with any enquiries you may have.

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