Shop a Little Piece of the Midlands Meander… Online!

Shop a Little Piece of the Midlands Meander… Online!

By Rosemary Hall

Online shopping and the Midlands Meander??! You’ve got to be kidding, right? Sure, nothing beats meandering and stopping off at each artist’s studio or boutique shop, but now you can unbox some Midlands Meander happiness from afar by ordering online.

It’s might be a while for some of our inland visitors before they take their annual leave, go on holiday and head towards KZN. In the mean time, you can shop a little part of the Midlands Meander online! Yes, some of our members have online shops for their unique crafts and bespoke items that can be delivered to your door. What better way to get started on your Christmas shopping than by supporting local businesses and their locally made goods?


Groundcover Leather Company was founded in 1990. Groundcover manufactures original, finely handcrafted, leather footwear and accessories.

Heavenly Hammocks

Unique to Heavenly Hammocks is their extensive range of crush dyed indoor and outdoor hanging furniture. Because they dye their fabrics by hand they can produce any shade you require to blend in with your own particular colour scheme at home. The crush-dyed technique they use brings about a 2-tone or mottled finish to the canvas, which is what sets us apart from all other markers of hanging leisure furniture.

They take pride in the superb quality of their hammocks thereby ensuring that they will last you a very long time. The canvas they use is made from 100% pure cotton, making their hammocks extremely cool and comfortable to relax in. At the same time they are very durable because they only use a tightly woven, box-weave canvas so the fabric will never stretch or weaken. In addition they insert steel thimbles at each end of the hammock thereby preventing any loosening of the ropes which can so easily occur as a result of the constant friction caused by a rope or a carabine hook.

Their hammocks have the style, the strength as well as the comfort needed to guarantee you lifelong luxury. So treat yourself to a Heavenly Hammock and turn your leisure into heavenly pleasure!

Nottingham Road Brewing Company

Nestling in the shady grounds of the elegant Rawdons Hotel in the heart of the Midlands Meander, you will find a thriving independent brewery which has long been delighting locals and visitors with a range of naturally brewed ales and lagers.

The secret of the company’s success lies in the outstanding range of beers produced here. Only the purest spring water drawn from an artesian well on the grounds and finest quality hops and malted barley are used to create beers of outstanding character with a smooth, well-rounded taste.

Notties Brewery is now the oldest independently owned craft brewery in South Africa, a title that they are extremely proud of and one to which they dedicate the finest quality of hand-brewed beer.


“A picnic is more than eating a meal, it is a pleasurable state of mind!” – DeeDee Stovel

The breathtakingly beautiful Midlands is abounding with things to do and there’s nothing like spending a beautiful Spring day with family and friends enjoying a delicious picnic in the spacious, tranquil gardens at Fordoun! Packed with the best of local Midlands fare and a bottle of bubbly to compliment a special celebration! Picnics take place on Saturdays and Sundays and bookings are essential.

Besides picnics, relaxing spa experiences and various other fun-filled activities; enjoy the outdoors and embrace our beautiful walking, trail running and cycling 5km and 9 km routes. These are open to the public and guests daily.

You might be wondering if we can ship a picnic or spa treatment to you, but no! In this case you can purchase a gift voucher for someone special to enjoy a Fordoun picnic or spa treatment! For further info, please contact Molly at or call 033 2666217.

Their leather bound story is born out of an ambition to create an international footwear and accessories brand with humble roots and a strong African heritage. Tsonga wholly embodies a collaboration of passionate people, their creativity and their talents to bring about a positive difference in society.
Tsonga has a strong global reach that is aimed at both women and men who hold quality and comfort paramount in their search for the perfect shoes, handbags or accessories. They are simplistic but significant in their designs and the creation process is artisanal. Tsonga strives to create beautiful items that offer the discerning customer long wearability spanning several seasons.
Browse their collections of luxuriously soft, genuine leather shoes, handbags and accessories made in the KwaZulu-Natal Midlands of South Africa.

Seasonal Gifting! We love the sound of that… Delivered to your door anywhere in South Africa.

In 2019, Wedgewood celebrated its 20th anniversary as a family business, gathering new members along the way. Theirr nougat is still handmade on their farm and they work with the same passion and commitment that they always have, whilst creating exciting new recipes and all the while keeping a very particular eye on quality, just the way their Mum did.

Enjoy a wonderful online Midlands Meander shopping experience… who knows, you might find something for yourself! Perhaps even booking a weekend getaway or that much needed end of year break? Check out our incredible accommodation options now.