Venue: Caversham Mill

Date: 24th January 2019

Cost: R 100

“With a reputation as the neighborhood good time musician, the international touring circuit has taken him to places he never imagined. His music speaks of adventure, humanity, struggles and triumph. –Don’t miss out on this healthy dose of nostalgia and a truly heart-felt experience.

Established in 2007, the Jack Mantis Band has focused most of their attention touring the USA and Europe, with seasonal tours on home soil. These traveling ‘Gypsy Rockers’ are well known for their jam band and collaborative approach to the big festival stage. Their time in Europe has seen them performing live on German television alongside Chris de Burgh to millions of viewers, headlining the Marienplatz festival in Stuttgart, filling Halle 45 in Mainz and many more shows in Germany, Holland, Belgium, Italy, France, Austria and Norway.

In-between touring, Jack has been sailing and filming music videos across the globe for the past 5 years. The first release for the song ‘Radiate’ was filmed in 7 countries with 20 musicians. This side project promises to show the world the importance of coming together, and is to be followed by 5 more videos outlining Jack as a seasoned traveler with a natural ability to bring people together. Jack has shied away from mainstream media as a means to approach their sound without influence

Jack’s solo album ‘An Unwritten Life’ releases alongside his latest project
‘Beyond Elements’ which sees him setting sail for the Arctic Circle in search of new destinations, musicians and song to collaborate and document. __With a history steeped in music and a lifetime spent gaining insight the world over, Mantis brings something truly
generous to his performances – a sense of common humanity and togetherness.

Nish Pillay is considered one of the most versatile percussionists in South Africa and his stage presence has been described by the media as ‘legendary’. A full time musician, he is a Hybrid percussionist who performs on the Tabla, Cajon and several other drums from around the world. He has appeared alongside over 150 international and South African musicians in the last year alone, performing tours throughout S.A. “Making beats is my passion; my goal is to unite people through music and positively effect everyone I encounter.” says Nish. “

Location: Caversham Mill