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Marrakesh Cheese Farm is situated in Rosetta, between Nottingham Road and Mooi River. It is owned and run by Chris and Sue Coetzer. Cheese making on the farm began in 1998, when it was a goats cheese outlet in the Midlands.

We introduced some cows milk cheeses over the years, and in November 2010 we sold our goats and moved on to making and selling only cows milk cheese.

The cheese is sold only from our farm shop. We have no other permanent outlets for our product, other than the Saturday Morning Karkloof Farmers Market just outside Howick, where we have been regular stall holders since it opened in 2007.

Visitors to the farm can expect to be taken through a tasting of between 8 to 10 different types of cheese, (depending on the time of year) with an informative discussion about each type of cheese.

Marrakesh cheeses are made using vegetarian rennet instead of animal rennet. This makes our cheese acceptably Halaal and Kosher for many people.

Our products contain no stabilisers, preservatives, flavourants or colourants. The milk is not pasteurised prior to the cheese making process. These points allow us to make a very natural, healthy and tasty range of cheese.

The range of cheese made includes Cottage cheese, a Brie styled cheese called White and Blue, Feta, Chevin , Chabrie, Gouda , Parmesan, Pecorino and Gorgonzola. From time to time we have mature Cheddar, smoked Cheddar and Gruyere, but these are not always in stock.

We also make and sell a range of seasonal jams, marmalades and chutney.

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