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If you’ve travelled the N3 highway from Johannesburg to Durban, you may recall seeing the sign for Peel’s Honey. The Peel’s journey began in 1924 with Jack Peel, a hobbyist apiarist, who later expanded his production commercially. As South Africa’s oldest producer, Peel’s has become a familiar household name, all thanks to the 100% pure honey produced from their hives, and also sourced from small and medium-sized beekeepers across South Africa.

Stopping at their iconic Midlands Meander store you’ll encounter the three ranges. Firstly, the Travelogue Range is dedicated to the subtle nuances that can be found in honey, depending on a hive’s locale and local flora. I recommend taking home one of the nifty taster packs that feature 28g glass jars with five of the Travelogue flavours available. Next, the Farmstall Range is their everyday honey products which include a range of nut butters (Peanut, Almond, and Macadamia). Lastly, the Legacy Range pays homage to Jack and Doris, Peel’s pioneers, with several honey-infused products.

For those keen to take a flavour journey through the golden liquids, the Midlands store has a fascinating self-guided ‘Honey Flight’, featuring a step-by-step guide, a comprehensive wheel with tasting notes, and then the chance to rate each product.

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