1. General Information

The Midlands Meander Association (hereafter referred to as ‘the MMA’) is a voluntary member-based association. 2023/2024 membership must meet the criteria listed below and must be approved by the MMA Board of Directors. Acceptance or rejection of membership will be made in line with the current Articles of Association, the MMA Rules and Regulations as well as the Value Statement of the MMA. The Directors have the final decision regarding all member applications.

2. Membership Criteria

3. All Member establishments must fall within the boundaries of the Midlands Meander as determined by the Directors of the MMA i.e. Mooi River to Hilton and Karkloof to the Kamberg.

4. Entities must trade from a venue on the Meander which is open to the public. This restriction excludes tour operators/guides.

5. Agri-tourism applicants are required to grow/manufacture 80% of their product within the boundaries of the Meander.

6. Meander Artist and Crafter applicants are required to manufacture 80% of their product within the boundaries of the Meander.

7. Retail applicants of mass-produced products will only be considered if products are considered an asset to the MMA. Imported products are strongly discouraged.

8. To maintain the culture of the Midlands Meander (unless previously approved by the Board of Directors) the following entities will not be allowed to become members:

1. Entities that have not begun trading

2. Chain outlets

3. Listed Companies

4. Franchisees

5. Entities with multiple outlets where the head office and main outlet fall outside the Midland Meander boundaries.

3. Rules of Membership:

1. Membership resides in the name of the business establishment. The individual business is the MEMBER of the MMA.

2. Should an existing member establishment or part of that establishment change ownership, the new owner may apply for continued membership, if this is done within a 3-month period. This is subject to re-assessment by the MMA. • Continued membership is contingent upon ongoing assessment by the MMA. The MMA reserves the right to terminate membership, should the member fail to meet MMA membership criteria and standards.

1. All Member establishments are required to take a panel in the printed guide. Only the name of the registered membership may be mentioned in the member panel.

2. Additional membership is required for each additional business applying for membership. Each additional business owned by the same member is subject to a 5% percent discount for the first additional business and 10% discount for additional businesses after that.

3. Each Membership entitles the business establishment to a single business marker and name on the Meander route and large map in one location. Members with more than one outlet with the same name in different locations on the Meander should indicate this with additional directory entries and another business marker and name on the map if they wish that outlet to be marketed. Each extra business marker and name will attract an additional cost.

• Should any new member require the standard MMA pole and sign the cost will be for the member’s account.

• Once ordered and paid for by the member the MMA sign is to be put up at the entrance to the registered business.

1. Once an establishment is no longer a MMA member, the right to display the MMA name and logo is withdrawn and this must be removed by the ex-member within 30 days of termination.

2. If the sign has not been taken down within this period, the MMA has the authorization to take the sign down and keep it at the offices to be collected by the past member within 30 days from collection, after which it remains the ownership of MMA to defray costs.

3. Members must comply with the signage requirements as laid down by the Local Authority, Department of Transport or any other body or organisation whose consent may be required to display roadside signage.

• Payment defaults to the Midlands Meander Association of more than 60 days could result in the MMA sign being asked to be removed.

• Should payment defaults arise MMA reserves the right to charge monthly interest at base rate plus 5% to cover admin costs, bank charges etc

• Should the member choose the option to pay in full, payment is due within 30 days of Invoice.

1. Alternatively monthly debit order payment instructions are to be implemented. Signed debit order forms are to be returned with the membership forms. The initial payment is to be effected within 30 days of invoice. This will be an ongoing debit order which will require 2 months written notice to cancel.

• For the financial year July 2023 to June 2024 the new member joining fee will be waived.

• A member panel will not be published in the printed MM Guide unless payment arrangements are made in advance with the MMA office.

• Resignation – a member in good standing that has resigned membership may re-join the MMA on condition that the member is reassessed, and the relevant fees are paid.

• Membership will be automatically renewed on an annual basis unless cancelled by written notice, within a 2-month period of our financial year ending 30th June. Notice needs to made in writing to management@midlandsmeander.co.za

• Any increase in membership fees will be communicated to members via email at least 2 months prior to implementation.

• Annual Member fees are to be paid in full or debit order forms signed and submitted before 30 June each year.

• Should Members need assistance with the designing of advertisements these will be charged separately.


The member hereby indemnifies, exempts and holds harmless the MMA (Midlands Meander Association) and its Directors, employees, agents and/or representatives against all liability, damages, loss or claims arising out of, or in connection with, any errors and/or inaccuracies in the Midlands Meander marketing content, online posts or any other publication of the Association, whether such liability, damages, losses or claims results from negligence and/or fault, either passive or active of any of the persons and/or organisations, or entries described above, or from any cause whatsoever.




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