9 New Things to Try in the Midlands in 2020

9 New Things to Try in the Midlands in 2020

What if we told you that a weekend of new, exciting activities was right outside your back door? The Midlands Meander is an area unique to KwaZulu Natal that offers a variety of craft stores, restaurants, entertainment and craft experiences across the midlands county-side. Enjoy a relaxing day (or two) in the fresh air, meandering the midlands and partaking in unique Midlands Meander Activities

9 Exciting Things to Do in the Midlands

Make 2020 your most exciting year yet by ticking off these 10 locations in the midlands that are bound to keep you entertained and stimulated by the new experience.

Midlands Meander Adventure #1: Candle Dipping

If you enjoy getting crafty, this is a stop that cannot be missed. Candle dipping at the Piggly Wiggly County Yard. With a variety of different shapes and sizes, pair different colours to create a candle perfect for your home’s colour scheme or the favourite colour of a friend. This activity is family-friendly and will be enjoyed by adults and children alike. When you are done, stop by the Piggly Wiggly Restaurant for a delicious lunch.

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Midlands Meander Adventure #2: Nelson Mandela’s Capture Site

If you are interested in history, especially South Africa’s captivating past, the Nelson Mandela capture site is for you. A brand new museum has just been established for your enjoyment and brags a multitude of different Nelson Mandela facts, images and videos, as well as the car that he was driving the day he got captured. After your museum tour, take ‘the long walk to fre3dom’, down to the impressive art piece of Mandela’s face. The piece is made up of metal poles that take shape into the former president’s face the closer you get.

Midlands Meander Adventure #3: Karkloof Canopy Tours

For those seeking a thrill and breathtaking views, pay the Karkloof Canopy Tour team a visit. An exhilarating experience awaits you, as you will enjoy a variety of zipline rides above and through the stunning indigenous forest, as you make your way down the mountain.

Midlands Meander Adventure #4: Chocolate Dipping

Chocolate Heaven is a tasty pitstop for those visitors with a sweet tooth! Spend an hour or two indulging in a chocolate fondue with a variety of sweet and savoury treats to dip; from strawberries to biltong, you will love them all!

Midlands Meander Adventure #5: Umgeni Valley Nature Reserve

Enjoy the outdoors by getting up close and personal to some of Africa’s most beautiful animals. The self-guided walks will lead you through the gorge below Howick Falls, where you may be lucky enough to encounter a few of the animal residents; giraffe, zebra and a variety of antelope.

Midlands Meander Adventure #6: Various Scenic Hikes

If the Umgeni Valley Nature Reserve isn’t enough for you, nature lovers can enjoy a variety of other hikes around the area. The Indigenous Tree walk is a brisk 30-minute walk that will lead you through Milestone Forest, where you can observe numerous indigenous trees. More popular hiking spots can be found at Lemonwood Trails for all-day hikes, leading you to stunning Drakensberg Mountain views.

Midlands Meander Adventure #7: Fishing

Spend the day at Howick’s most popular dam, the Midmar Dam and enjoy a relaxing day of fishing. Whether you have a boat or fish from the bank, luck may be on your side! You can buy a fishing day-pass on arrival for this exciting family day-out. There are also several other spots popular for those wanting to fish for Trout.

Midlands Meander Adventure #8: Cheese Tasting

Sticking to the more relaxing experiences you can find in the Midlands, cheese tasting is a ‘must’ at one of the many goat farms in the area. Swissland Cheese is a great place for a family lunch break to let the children burn off some energy or for a romantic picnic. Select your fresh cheese from the fridge inside, some crackers and a bottle of wine and enjoy a picnic on their lawn overlooking the farmlands (they provide the blanket, basket, cutlery and cups).

Midlands Meander Adventure #9: The Nottingham Road Brewery

A fun experience for the adult, or slightly older curious children, the Nottingham Road Brewery is the place for you. Watch and learn the process of how these popular alcoholic beverages end up in your chilled glass at the end of a long day. Enjoy the experience and feel free to have a beer or two afterwards!

Have Your Midlands Meander Experience Today

These 9 fun, new experiences are only a fraction of the hundreds of spots that await you on the Midlands Meander. Plan your meander now and explore the beauty KZN has to offer. Contact us with any questions or queries, or visit our website for a map or more information on the sites. Let us know your favourite Midlands experience in the comments!

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