4 Museums & Heritage Sites on the Midlands Meander

4 Museums & Heritage Sites on the Midlands Meander

South Africa has so much beauty and history to offer. What if we told you that some of the country’s top heritage site was right outside of Durban? The Midlands Meander brags not only a variety of unique arts and crafts, stunning weekend getaway locations and fun activities but also breath-taking views and historical sights that will leave you in awe.

4 Midlands Meander Historical Sites to Visit

Spend a weekend with your loved ones getting a feel for South Africa through her rich heritage and captivating history. We have shared 5 Midlands Meander museums and heritage sites you need to visit this year.

1. Nelson Mandela Museum

To start off your history tour, visit the Midlands Meander’s most famous historical site: the capture site of former president, Nelson Mandela. Located at the beginning of the Midlands Meander (Howick side), you can spend a good hour losing yourself in the Nelson Mandela museum, which has been renovated in the last year to display an impressive collection of Nelson Mandela memorabilia. Feast your eyes on numerous historic moments in time displayed on movie screens and in images, listen to the collection of audio recordings and learn a little bit more about the man who freed the nation. In a clear timeline, you can follow Mandela’s journey from childhood to his final moments.

2. Nelson Mandela’s Official Capture Site

Marked by a plaque in concrete, you can stand in the very spot where former president, Nelson Mandela, was captured in 1962. After you have browsed the Mandela museum, take ‘the long walk to freedom’, passing metal signs marked in a timeline of Mandela’s life, down to the famous art tribute. The monument was made by Marco Cianfenelli and Jeremy Rose to honour Mandela’s fight from freedom and is comprised of 30 steel poles, ranging from 6m-9.5m. The poles are arranged to reveal Mandela’s face, as you approach the iconic landmark the image reveals itself. This spot makes for a great photo and leaves you humbled by the sacrifices made for the freedom of South Africans.

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3. Visit Howick Museum

The Howick Museum is overflowing with fascinating information on the history of the small KZN town. Taking you back to the days of hunter gatherers who inhabited the area to the concentration camp that was set up during The South African War, you will find yourself lost in the artifacts and rich history of the small country town.

4. Fort Nottingham Museum

This museum is super interesting to visit as it is hidden inside a fort. Spend some time learning about the early settlers of Natal, who came to our lands in 1856. This museum is fascinating to visit is you are a history buff, as there is so much early information on the province. Take a guided tour around the fort, learning why it was built and by who, as well as view some historic artefacts from the San bushmen and learn about their history in the Midlands.

Visit the Midlands Meander Today

If you are looking for something to do this weekend, look no further. Get your history fix by visiting these 5 historic locations. But don’t worry, if history isn’t your thing, there is still plenty to do and see. Visit our website for a map of the area or contact us with any questions or queries.

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