5 Educational Stops Along the Midlands Meander

5 Educational Stops Along the Midlands Meander

The Midlands Meander attracts people from all corners of the world, who are eager to explore its many routes that offer exquisite surroundings, fun outdoor activities, historical attractions, and beautiful accommodation.

Take Your Pick from Various Educational Outings

In addition to providing the perfect backdrop for weddings and outdoor enthusiasts, the routes are full to the brim with many educational outings for both young and old. For travel inspiration, read the five educational spots to visit along the Midlands Meander.

1. HorsePlay

HorsePlay is not to be missed along Midlands Meander, as it will provide an opportunity to connect with a horse and learn how to communicate with the beautiful animal. Located in the Old Kilgobbin Farm, you can develop basic skills to engage with horses over three to four hours. By the time the training is over, you’ll be able to instruct a horse to stop, change direction, circle, and walk back again using only gestures and movements. It’s an educational outing you’re unlikely to forget.

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2. Zulu-Mpophomeni Tourism Experience

Learn more about an indigenous South African culture with the Zulu Mpophomeni Tourism Experience. You’ll experience the best of Zulu hospitality, as you can enjoy township homestays that will be complemented with traditional dishes, historic site tours, cultural entertainment, and a Zulu Dance. It’s a fantastic way to learn about the township’s rich history, fascinating traditions, and the KwaZulu-Natal culture.

3. Nelson Mandela Capture Site and Museum

To gain an insight into Nelson Mandela’s arrest on 5th August 1962, you should book a visit to Nelson Mandela Capture Site and Museum. The historic site is a commemoration of this notable moment in history, as the political icon went on to spend the next 27 years of his life in prison.

At the Visitor Centre, you will be encouraged to follow the timeline of Mandela’s life on the ‘Long Walk to Freedom’. It also features a stunning sculpture of 50 steel columns, which will create a dramatic image of his face at a specific vantage point.

4. Endeavour Alpacas

One educational outing you won’t want to miss along the Midlands Meander is Endeavour Alpacas. The working family farm is open to the public on the first Sunday each month, as well as on National Alpaca Day. During your visit, you can enjoy an educational talk and can explore the craft and food market.

5. Shuttleworth Weaving

Helen and Andy Shuttleworth have spent the last 30 years creating beautiful crafts in Fort Nottingham. The couple resides on a hilltop that’s surrounded by indigenous forests, which is worth a visit alone, and they now spin, dye, and weave products along with their son, Robert, and his wife, Julia. During your visit to Shuttleworth Weaving, you can explore their many original designs and techniques, which emphasize both texture and colour. Their crafts are so distinctive that they sell their throws, shawls, and carpets nationally and even ship them to clients in London and New York.

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