5 Cosy Stops for the Winter Months

5 Cosy Stops for the Winter Months

With Winter in the air, your favourite outdoor activities, such as the beach and days at the dam, are out of the question. During the darker, colder month, staying home wrapped in a warm blanket is the best, however, it can be nice to occasionally get out. The Midlands Meander is the perfect outing for families, lovers and friends as it offers options to entertain no matter the season!

5 Cosy Stops Along the Midlands Meander

The winter chill doesn’t need to stop you from having a great day! Here are 5 places that you can go for a cosy experience. Visit our blog for more Midlands Meander must-see places.

1. Tweedie Junction

Grab a delicious coffee to warm your freezing hands and peruse over the many treasures that you will find when you visit the Tweedie Junction. Marvel at women making glass beads or mosaicing, enjoy the thrift store, treat yourself to some genuine leather items or watch an artist at work painting breath-taking landscapes or her famous pet portraits. Winter is the perfect time for crafting, so watching crafting at its best in this cosy spot.

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2. Brookdale Health Hydro

Escape the chill with a heavenly pamper session at the Brookdale Health Hydro. If the day is an exceptionally cold one, opt for the jacuzzi, sauna or a dip in he heated pool. Book a winter stay here and leave feeling relaxed and well-hydrated- the ultimate winter getaway!

3. Invermooi Estate

Why not turn your winter outing into a mini winter getaway? The Invermooi Estate is just what you need for a mid-year pick-me-up. Get bundled up and enjoy walks through the working farm or cosy up with a good book by the fireplace while you take in the gorgeous winter colours that surround you. Whether you are hiking or spending down time with loved ones, this spot won’t disappoint.

4. Marrakesh Cheese Farm

The Marrakesh Cheese Farm is like something out of a romance movie. This family-owned farm has been around since 1998. Enjoy sampling 8 to 10 different cheeses, whilst listening to an informative talk on what you are tasting.

The range of cheese made onsite includes Cottage cheese, a Brie styled cheese called White and Blue, Feta, Chevin, Chabrie, Gouda, Parmesan, Pecorino and Gorgonzola. From time-to-time mature Cheddar, smoked Cheddar and Gruyere are also available, but these are not always in stock. Beat the winter blues by indulging in freshly made cheese.

5. Tastebuds Farmstall

What is better than a chilly day spent shopping for heavenly treats to indulge in on the coldest days? The Tastebuds Farmstall has a variety of home-baked treats to choose from, as well as handmade décor. From cake to honey, jams and pastries, pop in with empty hands because you are going to need them.

Plan Your Midlands Meander Winter Adventure Today

See anything that you would like to try this winter? Visit our website to find hundreds more cosy spots to explore on a chilly day. Feel free to contact us should you have any queries regarding our routes.

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