Planning the Perfect End of Year Function

Planning the Perfect End of Year Function

Since we are already more than halfway through the year, many companies are starting to think about their end of year function. These events are great opportunities to thank your team for a year of hard work and commitment, as well as express your gratitude to loyal clients and investors. The Midlands Meander host some of the most popular KZN venues, ranging in size, as well as offer corporate activities that you can utilise for your end of year function and other corporate events.

How to Plan the Perfect End of Year Function

In this post, we discuss how to go about planning the perfect end of year function and the exciting options that are available for you. For more Midlands Meander routes and meandering advice, visit our blog page.

1. Find the Right Venue

The best place to start, when planning a function, is by choosing a venue that is best suited for the event. Are you wanting something small and intimate for your office staff? If so, you may want to consider a luncheon with a view at Tumble Downs Restaurant or an exciting meander driven by KA Travel and Tours. Should you have a large company and are wanting to invite clients and investors too, you will need a larger, more formal venue such as the ANEW Hilton Hotel or Lythwood Lodge.

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2. Decide on Vendors

Depending on your venue, you may already have activities, food and beverages provided. However, you may want additional vendors to entertain your guests, such as a photobooth or tasty treat station. Discuss with your venue what is and isn’t allowed before you book anything though.

3. Select the Entertainment

For a function to be a success, it is important that there is the appropriate entertainment. From guest speakers, DJs, live bands and organised games, there are plenty of options. It is crucial that you look at your audience before deciding on entertainment. For example, if you are inviting top clients and investors, you may want to avoid a DJ encouraging your team of professionals to get down and dirty on the dance floor, rather opt for a mellow band. If it is just your team letting lose after a busy year then, by all means, let your hair down!

4. Avoid Last-minute Booking

This mistake can have a major impact on the success of your function. While this blog post may seem premature to you (to be fair, it is only July), it is recommended that companies start booking their venue and vendors around August or September. The last thing you want is to spend ages planning and researching venues and vendors, only to find that they are fully booked, and you have to start from scratch. Take our advice and start enquiring now!

Book Your Midlands Meander Function Today

The Midlands Meander is filled with many diverse and exciting venues to host corporate events and end of year functions. You can find a list of these venues here. Don’t delay- book today! Contact us with any questions or queries you may have.

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