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Midlands Meander Map of Venues

Welcome to our Midlands Meander map. You’re about to discover a variety of country living venues situated along our little stretch of heaven. Got your pen and paper ready? We’re going to show you how to interact with our new map of Midlands Meander venues – so you can plan the Natal Midlands country holiday of your dreams!

You can almost smell the fresh country air already, can’t you?

  • Click on the padlock button to the right of the map to enable grab and navigate.
  • Circles show how many Midlands Meander venues there are in that specific geographical location.
  • Click on blue circles to see individual venue locations and specific information about each.

Can’t find the place you’re looking for? Search for a keyword below. Search not coming up with anything? Speak to us here!

Download our latest Midlands Meander Guide PDF for more information about the Midlands Meander.