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Senzakahle is a textile and clothing manufacturer operating from Bruntville. They use high quality fabrics to produce high quality products. Their product range includes linen, curtaining, fleece products and various items of clothing.

The heart of the Midlands Meander has always been its artists and crafters, since its founding nearly 37 years ago. The vision of the Association is to increase the number and diversity of its artists and crafters by providing opportunities for previously disadvantaged artists and crafters to join the Meander family. Funded by N3 Toll Concession, this project has been operational since 2014 and has featured 25 artists and crafters which represent over 70 families!  During Covid, N3TC funded food cards from Greendale Spar for R1 000 each for 2 months to every family represented in the Project in 2020 thereby assisting over 40 families during this pandemic.  Thank you, N3TC!

The current participants of the project consist of 6 co-operatives catering to over 50 families in the region.  We encourage all our visitors and locals to support these projects by either ordering directly from these members or visiting Lions River Trading or Nguni & Aloe to seeat what is available for purchase.

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